Feeding your baby shouldn't be the biggest source of stress in your life

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Postpartum Planning

  • Understand what to expect from your body and your hormones

  • Learn the best gear to buy 

  • Gain insights on when to call a doctor 

  • Partners and Co-Parents welcome

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Exclusive Pumping VIP

  • Learn how to maximize your milk supply

  • Create a great routine so that you never feel chained to the pump

  • Get tips and tricks to make pumping more comfortable and efficient

  • Ask ALL of your questions

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30-Minute Lightening Session

  • Get all of your questions answered in just 30 minutes

  • Questions can be about postpartum, pumping, or going back to work

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Newborn Feeding

  • Understand the different options you have for feeding your newborn, including nursing; pumping; and formula

  • Learn the pros and cons of each options 

  • Find out which gear to buy 

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Return to Work Roadmap

  • Create a pumping plan

  • Learn how to talk to your colleagues about sensitive parent-related topics

  • Discuss the pros and cons of various childcare options

  • Gain strategies to make time for yourself, even with a hectic schedule