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What's the Difference between Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression (and does it matter?)

Postpartum Depression. Baby Blues. Postpartum Anxiety. You might be wondering 'what's the difference?'

My answer...'don't worry about'.

Postpartum mood disorders (btw - have you ever heard a less compassionate term than 'mood disorder') are very real and are experienced by up to 80% of birthing parents.

The terms postpartum depression (ppd) and postpartum anxiety (ppa) are diagnosable by therapists and are in the DSM.

So why would I say not to worry about it? Here's why

I recently did a Postpartum Care Workshop during which, I heard an upsetting story. A mom went to their OBGYN and expressed that she was having difficulties and thought she should see a therapist.

The doctor told her that her symptoms 'didn't qualify as ppd', so she didn't need therapy .

This, my friends, is bullsh*t.

Your insurance company may need an official diagnosis. Your therapist or psychiatrist may note down a specific diagnosis. But you do not, I REPEAT - DO NOT - need some fancy official diagnosis to get help.

If you are struggling. If you are fearful. If you are anxious. If you feel guilt, sadness, anger, racing thoughts - you are allowed to get help.

All human beings are candidates for therapy, whether you have an official diagnosis or not.

If you think you might need some help - then you deserve it. No matter what some textbook says.

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