Hi, I'm Sandy J. Green

A Breast Pump Expert and Maternal Health Advocate who
helps make exclusive pumping easy.
You deserve to feel good about how you feed your baby.

About Me

Hey there, I'm Sandy J. Green.

I'm a Breast Pump Expert, a Maternal Health Advocate, and an Exclusively Pumping Mom of two beautiful babies.

After exclusively pumping for my son, over 3 years ago, I realized there was a big problem. No one was taking care of the pumping moms.

I wanted to change that.

Nothing lights me up more than hearing a mom say she's proud to exclusively pump and no longer feels guilty or overwhelmed.

(OK, that's not technically true. Other things that light me up include: Harry Potter, running 10k races, and snuggles with my littles.)

My goal for you is simple: that you have the knowledge, confidence, and pride to make infant-feeding decisions that work best for your baby, your family, and YOU.



"Before joining Empowered Pumping, pumping was uncomfortable and I was unhappy with my milk supply. I felt like I was confined to my room with my pump. But Empowered Pumping allowed me to see that if I can't make enough milk, then it's ok! I don't always dread pumping like I used to, I pump more milk and have less anxiety."