Postpartum Counseling

With Sandy J. Green

Discover how outstanding postpartum and lactation
support can make all the difference for your family
and your business
Sandy J. Green, breastpump, breast pump, spectra pump

Are you a company who:

  • Is worried about the high attrition rates of birth parents? 

  • Is looking to add more Family-Friendly options to your benefits package?

  • Wants a reputation as a progressive and forward thinking company who cares about gender-diversity and inclusion?

Are you a parent who:

  • Has a newborn and wants to feel more in control?

  • Is exclusively pumping and wants to make it as easy and efficient as possible?

  • Is getting ready to return to work, but feels nervous and overwhelmed by the transition?


About Sandy J. Green
CEO and Founder

Sandy is a Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, and a Gender Diversity Advocate who offers virtual support for birthing and breastfeeding parents.


She serves clients from high-burnout industries (law firms, consulting, and technology companies) by building essential self-care strategies to support postpartum care, breast-feeding, pumping and returning to work.


Her workshops and programs have inspired thousands, and her private clients credit her with dramatic improvements in their happiness and relationships.

And just for fun - Sandy is obsessed with Harry Potter, working out, and rewatching the same 90s sitcoms over and over again.


Past and Present Partnerships


"Before joining Empowered Pumping, pumping was uncomfortable and I was unhappy with my milk supply. I felt like I was confined to my room with my pump. But Empowered Pumping allowed me to see that if I can't make enough milk, then it's ok! I don't always dread pumping like I used to, I pump more milk and have less anxiety."