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Do you want to keep up with your baby's demand AND avoid overfeeding? Then you need to know about paced feeding.

Whether you're going back to work and leaving a few bottles a day or feeding only with bottles (EPing), paced feeding is super important.

What is it? It's a method of bottle feeding that allows your baby to have more control over the feeding pace. It slows down how fast the milk flows into the nipple and lets your baby eat more slowly and take more breaks.

Why does that matter? Typically, milk flows super quickly from a bottle into your baby. It makes it harder for your baby to read his hunger cues and tell you when he's full. This makes is easier to overfeed and can make it very hard to keep up with his milk demand.

How does it work? Hold your baby in an upright, almost sitting position. Hold the bottle in a horizontal position, tilted only enough to fill the nipple part way. Follow your baby's pace. Give frequent breaks by lowering the nipple down. Your baby might resist the breaks at first, but that's ok. He'll get used to it.

It will take longer to to feed this way. That's OK!!!

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